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Latelier Yoga cours de yoga camping la clape village
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Courses that will take you on a journey

Yoga is a complete discipline that allows you to strengthen your body, adopt a positive state of mind and manage your emotions.


The aim is to put in place beneficial mechanisms during the yoga postures and then apply them in your daily life.

Latelier Yoga cours de yoga camping la clape village

Yoga classes for everyone

Yoga is a discipline WITHOUT levels. Yet it is sometimes reassuring to identify with one type of course. Depending on your wishes, you can choose : 


Starting out raises apprehensions. This course proposes to remove the brakes, the beliefs that one can have towards oneself and the practice of Yoga. To try is to succeed!


This course is ideal for beginners, intermediates and advanced students. Accessible to all, it offers variations where everyone can experience personal development.


This course offers the opportunity to explore more advanced postures and techniques. The Advanced course is offered once a month, which allows you to gauge your progress in the discipline.

Course of a session

Duration: 60 minutes


Learning to centre and focus

on the present moment


Aligning your body through
physical practice of postures


Mastering your breath

through breathing exercises

Through physical postures, breathing exercises and meditative times, we guide you on an adventure that you take the time to write with yourself.

Courses on the beach

The Camping de La Clape Village is ideally located in the heart of Cap d’Agde. Also, thanks to the direct access to the beaches of Le Môle and La Roquille, yoga classes can easily be organised on the beach.

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The different offers of Latelier Yoga

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Frequently asked questions

All the people!

Yoga adapts to the student. Each experience is unique, the important thing for us is to guide you towards yours.

It is important to practice in comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement.

Yoga is best practiced barefoot (better stability and therefore safety for your postures).

Changing rooms are available on site if it is necessary to change clothes.

The Yoga Workshop provides yoga mats, cork bricks, straps and blankets.

For hygienic reasons, we advise you to bring your own material if you have it.

There is an online payment system but you can also pay at the reception desk in cash.

We have an online booking system to facilitate your visit

You just have to create your member space on line by following the procedure

Once your account is created, you can connect to your personal space to buy the services you want and book the slots that interest you.

Private sessions are available online in the slots reserved for this purpose. These sessions take place on site or within the campsite (on your cottage terrace for example).

For private sessions at home, we invite you to contact us so that we can define your wishes together. The price will be adjusted accordingly.



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