What a joy to be able to meet up on holiday, as a family and with your dog!


Yes, going on holiday at the seaside with your family is great, but going on holiday with your dog is also great!


No one is missing, so you can enjoy your seaside holidays to the full and without feeling guilty.

Where to go on holiday with your dog?

In Cap d’Agde of course, for a successful holiday with your dog by the sea!


Going on holiday with your dog is not always easy. Indeed, when the time comes to organise your next holiday with your dog, the headache begins and the questions pile up. We will try to answer as many of your questions as possible in this article so that you can plan your holiday with your dog in Cap d’Agde, in the south of France, with complete peace of mind.


You will be able to imagine the different activities you can do with your four-legged friend, visualise the authorised dog beach campsite where you can stay as well as the holiday rentals with dog available for your stay in the heart of the Hérault, by the sea, on the Mediterranean coast.

chien accepté au camping de La Clape Village
camping dogfriendly

La Clape Village,
campsite dog accepted

Yes, La Clape Village campsite in the heart of the seaside resort of Cap d’Agde, in the south of France, welcomes the four-legged friends of its guests during their stay by the sea.


Our campsite has been awarded the Qualidog label by the leading dogfriendly website:
Emmène ton chien.

Life at the campsite with a dog,
the rules to respect

To ensure that life on the campsite with dogs goes as smoothly as possible for everyone, we ask you to respect some basic rules:
  • For your holiday rental with dog, we only allow one dog per furnished accommodation. For caravan, motorhome and tent pitches, the number is not limited.
  • Dogs of the 1st and 2nd category are not allowed on the campsite. This includes 1st category “attack dogs” with pitbulls, boerbulls and Tosa type and 2nd category “guard and defence dogs” with Rottweiler, Tosa and American Staffordshire.
  • For your holiday rental with dog, we only allow one dog per furnished accommodation. For caravan, motorhome and tent pitches, the number is not limited.
  • A valid health record will be requested on arrival and your pet must wear a collar.
  • Owners must pick up after their pets to keep the campsite clean and respect its inhabitants.

Dogfriendly equipment

At our dog-friendly campsite in the Occitanie region, we provide you with all the essentials to make your dog feel at home.


A doggy bar is available at the reception with water. You will also find points in the bar and restaurant where your pet can quench its thirst.


You also have access to a shower to rinse your pet after swimming and walking, and poop bags are available at the reception.


As you can see, we want the whole family to have an excellent stay at our 4-star campsite in Cap d’Agde, and we haven’t forgotten your pet.

What to do during my holiday with my dog in Cap d'Agde

vacance avec son chien

The 4-star campsite La Clape Village in Cap d’Agde has direct access to the beach of the mole. Unfortunately, this beach is not allowed to dogs. But don’t worry, there are many walks and activities that can be done in the vicinity with your faithful companion.


If you want your dog to enjoy a well-deserved swim, take him to the Parc Lano, where he can swim in an arm of the Mediterranean Sea. A 15-minute walk from the campsite, it’s ideal for walks with your dog. You can also go there by bike.


You can also take a nice walk to the Mont Saint Loup in Cap d’Agde, which is 113 metres high. This protected and preserved area extends over 15 kilometres: you will cross a pine forest still wild where you will have the chance to observe the local fauna and flora: pines, holm oaks, almond trees, squirrels, birds, butterflies… The coolness offered by these large trees is very appreciable for walks with your dog during the hot periods. The highlight of the show: a splendid view of the Mediterranean Sea and the whole of Cap d’Agde.


For those who are crazy about walking with their dog in the middle of nature, the region is full of perfect places for this:

  • Canal du Midi
  • Lac du Salagou
  • Étang de Thau
  • Cirque de Mourèze
  • Les Gorges d’Héric
  • Cascade d’Agaras

Cap d’Agde is also a paradise for water sports and activities. Why not share these activities with your dog to strengthen your complicity and return home with a head full of memories of holidays with your dog:


  • A bike ride with the possibility of renting a small trailer for your dog to ride on. La Balade des Gens heureux in Cap d’Agde :
  • Pedal boating with your dog at the Lac du Salagou
  • A trip to the Clôt beach in Agde, the only beach allowed to dogs on the Agatha coast during the summer season.

Our teams are all dog lovers! They will be happy to tell you about all the activities you can do with your pet. We also know pet-sitters and vets in the area if you need them.

Unusual weekend with your dog

Camping La Clape Village in Cap d’Agde, in the Hérault region of France, offers exceptional accommodation, perfect for a weekend away with your dog, your feet in the sand and your eyes in the blue sea. Relaxation and a change of scenery are guaranteed.


With your dog and your family, you can opt for a cinema cabin decorated in the colours of your favourite mythical film: Star Wars, Harry Potter, James Bond, Spiderman, Marvel, Lucky Luke… Or, for a romantic getaway, a seaview cottage with a breathtaking sea view and a private Jacuzzi on your terrace. Or a cottage for a family stay for 6, 8, 10 or 12 people with a private pool just for you. Luxury!

Our holiday rentals with dog

Whether you are a traditional camper with your caravan, van, camper van or tent, or whether you are looking for more comfort, or even exceptional accommodation with a private swimming pool or a breathtaking sea view, you have come to the right place. Your La Clape Village campsite in Cap d’Agde, in the Hérault, offers a wide choice of pitches and rentals with dogs for your seaside holidays.


Discover our selection of pet-friendly accommodation and mobile home rentals in Cap d’Agde:

For all tastes


DOG FRIENDLY La clape Village Camping à Agde - Enfant - jeunesses -activités
The exceptional cottages

Decorated with attention to detail, our exceptional cottages have been designed to offer you an upscale experience for warm and intimate moments. Don’t wait any longer to discover all our exceptional accommodations.

The privileges

Enjoy brand new, well-equipped accommodation with a focus on outdoor living and relaxing holidays. Our Privilege accommodation is bright, modern and extremely comfortable.

The traditional
The Traditional accommodation is a great classic of the campsite which allows you to enjoy convivial moments with your family. This simple and well-equipped accommodation will meet your expectations with an interesting quality/price ratio.
The essentials

Ideal for families, our Essential accommodation is our entry-level range with all the comfort you need for a simple and enjoyable stay.

Tent-style without sanitation

The perfect compromise between a caravan and a tent, our Woody and Tithome accommodation is a real bargain.

They don’t have their own bathrooms, so they still have that camping feel, and you can enjoy the village atmosphere of the shared washing facilities.

Precautions for a trouble-free holiday with your dog

Beware of heat stroke!


During the summer period, in Cap d’Agde, temperatures rise quickly. So be careful to adapt the times of your outings with your pet as well as the activities you do with him to guarantee his well-being and good health.


Also be careful about going out on tarmac roads or paths, which are very dangerous for your pet’s paws when it is hot. When it is only 25 degrees during the day, the temperature of the asphalt rises to 52 degrees, which can cause serious burns to your dog’s paws. Imagine in the middle of summer when the temperature outside is over 30 degrees…

Vigilance with processionary caterpillars

  Processionary caterpillars are very present in our region. They can be very dangerous for your dog. So be very careful when you go for a walk in the countryside in the region.

  As their name suggests, processionary caterpillars travel in groups, one behind the other, so they are easily recognised. The danger lies in their venomous hairs: any contact with the skin and mucous membranes is violent. They can even be fatal, in some cases, for dogs.

  Firstly, to minimise the risk, we advise you to avoid walking in the pine forests in the spring. This is when they are most numerous.

Secondly, be aware of the first symptoms so that you can react as quickly as possible. When your dog’s skin comes into contact with the stinging hairs of processionary caterpillars, the allergic reaction is immediate: inflammation, redness, burning, oedema. To get rid of the hairs, the dog’s reflex is to lick itself, which worsens the situation because its tongue is then infected and starts to swell. Your dog will express its intense discomfort by rubbing its mouth.

  If your dog has been in contact with processionary caterpillars and you notice any reaction, go to a vet as a matter of urgency. There are two main problems that can result:
– Anaphylactic shock which can lead to death if the dog cannot breathe.
– Necrosis of the tongue requiring its removal.

Beware of salt water!


If your dog takes advantage of your getaway in Cap d’Agde to go for a swim in the sea, make sure he doesn’t drink salt water, which can be dangerous.


It is also strongly recommended that you rinse your dog with clean water after swimming in salt water. A dedicated shower is available at the La Clape campsite.

– Don’t hesitate to consult the Take Your Dog With You website for more tips on holidaying with your dog in the South of France –