Article 1: Booking of your stay and conclusion of the contract

The registration in one of our stay implies the acceptation of our general terms and conditions and protection of personal data.

1.1 – Reservation procedures :

Your reservation can be made :

For rental reservations: All rentals are nominative and cannot be transferred. The rental becomes effective only with our agreement and after reception of the total amount of the stay and the reservation fees. The reservation must be accompanied by a deposit corresponding to 25% of the total amount of the stay as well as the reservation fee and the cancellation insurance in force. The total or partial payment of the stay makes your reservation final.
1st case: you pay the deposit and/or the balance of the amount of the stay by credit card at the time of your registration by telephone or on the internet.
2nd case: you use another method of payment: on receipt of your option ontract, you will have a period of time defined in your option contract to send us your payment and thus confirm your reservation. After this period, your booking request will be automatically cancelled. The balance must be paid 1 month before arrival.
3rd case: you wish to use holiday vouchers (ANCV), your deposit will have to be made by credit card and the reception of the holiday vouchers will have to be done at D-30. If you wish to deposit the holiday vouchers on the spot, a deposit will be requested by telephone and returned to you on receipt of payment. If you wish to pay with ANCV Connect, payment must be made at least 15 days before arrival. It will not be accepted on site.
The full names and ages of all participants must be given on arrival at the latest.
Any changes to the file, or to the booking, must be notified IN WRITING.
For camping pitch bookings: The basic package includes the pitch for a tent + vehicle or a caravan + vehicle or a motor home for 2 people, access to the sanitary facilities and the reception facilities. All rentals are nominative and cannot be transferred. The rental becomes effective only with our agreement and after reception of the total amount of the stay and the reservation fees. We remind you that any request for specific orientation or situation is an additional service for which a fee is charged. When you make your reservation, you can specify a pitch that meets your expectations, and we will do our utmost to satisfy you. However, this does not constitute a contractual guarantee. The rental accommodation is fully equipped. The capacity is from 4 to 12 places depending on the type of accommodation. Only one vehicle is accepted. No additional installations or children’s tents are accepted next to the accommodation. For safety and insurance reasons, the number of occupants may not exceed the capacity of t h e accommodation (including infants). Cottageparks reserves the right to refuse access to the village to groups or families with a higher number of participants than the capacity of the rented accommodation.

1.2 – Terms of payment

For bookings made more than 30 days before the start of the stay, a deposit of 25% of the amount of the services booked must be paid, as well as the booking fee (non-refundable).
The balance of your stay must be paid at the latest 30 days before the date of arrival for rental stays, at the latest 14 days before for camping stays.
For bookings made less than 30 days before the start of the stay, full payment must be made at the time of booking.
We do not accept cheques for payment of stays on site, they are accepted at the latest one month before arrival.
Any subsequent change in the applicable VAT rate between the time the rates were determined and the billing of the stay will result in a corresponding change in the price including VAT. Cancellation insurance is optional and is payable in addition to the rental price together with the deposit. The amount of the cancellation guarantee is 25€ for stays of 6 nights or more; 17€ for stays of less than 6 nights.
Our prices include access to the aquatic center, water consumption, electricity, the necessary equipment for the number of people corresponding to the chosen category of accommodation (excluding additional people), one vehicle per pitch and access to nonpaying activities.
For camping pitch bookings, a maximum of 6 people are accepted on the pitch. Our prices do not include an extra car, an extra person, animals, the daily visitor, the cancellation guarantee, the file fees and the contributions to the tourist tax and household waste. Bed linen, towels and baby kit can be rented on site.

1.3 – Non-présentation on site
If we do not receive any information from you, your accommodation will no longer be considered as available, as of midnight on the day of arrival written in your reservation contract.
1.4 – Minors

Minors not accompanied by a legally responsible adult (parents or grandparents, or emancipated. A tolerance may be granted in certain cases, please contact the reception for more information) are not allowed. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the cancellation of the contract, the refusal of access to the campsite and the loss of the deposit paid at the time of booking.

1.5 – Withdrawal period

The legal provisions related to the right of withdrawal of distance selling provided by the Consumer Code are not applicable to tourist services (article L.121-20-4 of the Consumer Code).
Thus, for any reservation of a stay with the campsite, the customer does not benefit from any right of retraction

2. Rates

2.1 – Booking fees

Each reservation is subject to a booking fee of 20€ for a rental and 15€ for a pitch, whatever the length of the stay.


2.2 –

Cottage Parks reserves the right to organize promotional operations in accordance with the applicable regulations.The rates applied in the context of these operations are only valid according to the conditions of sales related to these operations and cannot be granted for sales outside of them. These promotions are in no case retroactive or valid after the date of validity of the offer.

3. Cancellation of the stay

3.1 – Special case of COVID

The sums paid in advance by the Client will be the subject of a voucher in the following cases:

  • Government measures restricting travel prevent you from going to the place of vacation
  • Lockdown of your country or region of origin or destination
  • Border closures between your country of origin and your country of destination
  • A quarantine period to be observed for vacationers traveling to your destination
  • You or a traveler is positive to the Covid-19 RT-PCR test.
  • You must observe a quarantine period required by health insurance or a competent authority.

You will be asked for real proof within 10 days. You will then be reimbursed for the amounts paid (excluding administration fees and cancellation guarantee).
Reimbursement will only be possible in the event that you or a declared participant in the trip tests positive for Covid-19 RTPCR.

3.2 – Cancellation coverage

If you subscribe to the Cancellation Guarantee, you are guaranteed :

  • the refund of the sums paid, excluding booking fees and Cancellation Guarantee.
  • a pro rata refund of the rental booked, excluding administrative fees, Cancellation Guarantee and Cleaning costs, if you have to leave the rented accommodation before the scheduled expiration date.

The guarantee applies if the impediment concerns the client, his/her spouse, the persons designated on the rentalcontract,
his/her ascendants or descendants, or those of his spouse, and is caused by one of the following causes :

  • Death, an illness unknown at the time of booking the stay or an accident occurring after this reservation ;
  • The death of the client’s brothers, sisters, sons-in-law or daughters-in-law.
  • An administrative, judicial, military or jury duty summons.
  • The impediment justified by a dismissal, a transfer of the customer or his spouse or by the bankruptcy of the
    company of which the client is manager.
  • The guarantee, in case of illness or accident, must, to be effective, be justified by a medical prescription dated less than one month before the date of arrival.

All cancellations MUST be notified in writing to the person in charge of your stay.
To benefit from the cancellation guarantee, you must inform the campsite of the reason of cancellation 24 hours before your arrival. You have a period of 10 days, from the date of cancellation, to send us a proof (medical certificate, death certificate, employer’s certificate)

Article 4 – Regarding your stay

As required by law, all clients must adhere to our internal regulations, which have been deposited at the prefectureand a copy of which is available on request.

4.1 – Arrivées et Départs

Arrival (depending on the period, the days of arrival are variable).

Rental accommodation: a deposit of 300€ is taken online before your arrival (600€ for tribul rentals). Entry to your accommodation is guaranteed by 4pm at the latest. Early arrivals before midday are on request and subject to availability (see current tariff).
Campsite pitch: on the day of your arrival, you will be welcomed from 14:00.

During your stay

It is the camper’s responsibility to take out insurance: the camper is responsible for the surveillance of his/her personal belongings (bicycle, etc.). The Cottage Parks campsites decline all responsibility in case of theft, fire, bad weather, etc. and in case of an incident falling under the civil responsibility of the camper. All guests must abide by the rules and regulations as well as the Charter of Good Conduct (a copy will be available at the reception desk on request).
Each tenant is responsible for any disturbance or nuisance caused by persons staying with or visiting him/her.


Pitch : On the day of departure indicated on your booking, the pitch must be vacated before 12 noon. The pitch must be left clean or you will be charged for cleaning.
Rental accommodation: On the day of departure indicated on your booking, the accommodation must be vacated before 10am. In case of departure outside these hours, please contact your reception. For any departure after 10am, you may be charged a late departure fee at the current price. The accommodation must
be left in a clean and tidy condition. Any broken or damaged object will be charged to you, as well as the restoration of the premises if this should prove necessary. The deposit will be returned to you at the end of your stay, after deduction of the compensation for any damage found, based on a supporting invoice. The withholding of the deposit does not exclude additional compensation if the costs are higher than the amount of the deposit. If the accommodation has not been properly cleaned before your departure, you will be charged a cleaning fee (rates vary according to the type of accommodation).

4.2 – Deposit

The rented accommodation and pitches must of course be returned in the state in which you found them. In the event of damage (breakages, shortages,
deterioration) we will inform you, and then charge the sums necessary to restore the accommodation.

A deposit of 300 euros per accommodation will be required on the day of your arrival by credit card (blocked on your account but not debited), cash or directly online with Swikly. No cheques will be accepted. It will be returned to you on the day of your departure, during the opening hours of the reception, after a non-contradictory inventory of fixtures. The refund or cancellation of the deposit can therefore be effective after your departure. The cost of any damage will be added to the price of the stay, as well as the cost of cleaning if you do not leave the accommodation in a perfectly clean state. If you notice any anomalies in the condition of your accommodation on arrival, you must inform the campsite reception within 24 hours, who will do everything possible to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.
You have the possibility to buy a cleaning service at the end of your stay.
This package is charged according to the category of your accommodation and the rates can be consulted at the reception or in the FAQ section of our website.
This service, out of respect for our maintenance teams, does not exempt you from returning the accommodation in a minimum state of cleanliness (dustbins emptied, dishes washed, rubbish cleaned). An additional deposit may be required
for barbecue hire, bicycle hire, the provision of barrier badges or any other special service.

4.3 – Rental insurance

The client must check with his insurance company if he has a holiday extension as part of his home insurance contract and its conditions of coverage.
If this is not the case, the tenant is required to insure himself against the risks inherent to his occupation. Namely: accident, theft, loss, damage of personal effects (suitcases, objects, furniture, values, vehicles, bicycles…). He must also insure himself against damage he could cause in the rented accommodation or in the campsite, by himself or by his his companions. The clients will have to prove their insurance at the first requisition. Within the framework of therental or loan of bicycles, customers are required to insure themselves against theft, loss or damage

Article 5 – Responsibility

The Campsite declines all responsibility for damages suffered by the camper-caravanner’s equipment which would be caused by himself; an insurance for the material regarding civil liability is mandatory.

Article 6 – Complaints

Any complaint concerning a trip or a stay must be sent by registered letter with receipt to Cottageparks Méditerranée, quality department. This complaint must first be reported on-site and in writing to the manager ofthe establishment.
To be taken into account, this complaint must reach Cottageparks Méditerranée at the latestthirty days after the end of the stay. In the absence of a satisfactory answer or in the absence of an answer within60 days, the client
can refer the matter to the mediator of : Société de médiation professionnelle 24 rue Albert de Mun, 33 000 Bordeaux
Any negative and abusive comment posted on the web before complaint to the reception, will not give right to any compensation.

Article 7 – Applicable law

The present general conditions are subjected to the French law and any litigation relating to their application concerns the competence of the “Tribunal de Grande Instance” or the “Tribunal de Commerce” of Béziers.

Article 8 – Protection of your data

The information collected during your reservation is recorded via the CRM software E-season of the company Séquoïasoft.
The data collected will be essential to the administrative management. Some of your data can be also used within the framework of the promotion of our establishments. The data is kept for a period of 5 years. You can access
your data at any time, rectify it, ask for its deletion or exercise your right to limit the processing of your data. For any request, please contact the data protection officer via the following email address :