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Are you new to this part of the world? Or want some fresh ideas of where to go? Ready to explore? City streets or natural beauty, the choice is yours. Agde has lots to offer, with different districts and atmospheres to saunter around.
Our Exploration Station will help you to (re)discover the rich historic and cultural heritage of Agde and show you all the activities, sport and culinary delights our region has to offer!

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Discover the region by bike!

Explore the area on the long cycle paths that pass right by the campsite.


Admirez les paysages maritimes en vous baladant en famille ou entre amis à vélo le long des côtes. Prenez de la hauteur et offrez-vous la vue du Mont Saint-Loup.

Drink in the coastal scenery as you take a bike ride by the sea with family or friends. Head up the Mont Saint-Loup and revel in the views.

Enjoy the shade of the trees along the Canal du Midi, or watch the sun set over the Etang du Bagnas.

The Exploration Station has route guides and repair kits for cyclists.
Did you know we have “Accueil vélo” bike-friendly accreditation?

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The Ephèbe Museum, Agde’s pride and joy

This museum was created around its star attraction, an ancient bronze sculpture found in the Hérault river in 1964 and nicknamed the Ephèbe (teenager).

Anyone with an interest in underwater archaeology can walk from the campsite to the Ephèbe museum in just a few minutes, and admire the treasures from beneath the waves. With temporary exhibitions on different themes, it’s a real voyage through time.


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Discover Agde’s volcanoes!

Did you know? The Cap d’Agde is the final link at the southern end of the Auvergne chain of volcanoes.

Nicknamed the “black pearl”, Agde is the only place on the French Mediterranean coast with this special geological feature. 5 volcanoes are still visible: can you spot them?

Here’s a hint: the Grande Conque and its famous black beach is one of the seaside town’s volcanic treasures.

ADENA, a local environmental organisation, offers educational trips for you to learn more!


Les Verdisses and the Bagnas nature reserve

Explore this natural wonderland.

Les Verdisses and the Bagnas nature reserve are teeming with life.

As the green lungs of the region, they are rich in animal and plant species, including birds, terrapins and freshwater turtles…

There are cycle paths and pedestrian routes to help you explore these peaceful places. If you love birds, you might be interested in taking part in a bird count.

Did you know? We’ve partnered with LPO, a bird protection charity, to become a haven for bird life.

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The best way to explore Agde is on foot or by bike. See the picturesque remains of the Greek city of Agathé Tyché, discover the legends of Notre Dame de l’Agenouillade, soak up the atmosphere of the Grau d’Agde fishing quarter or admire the distinctive 30s-era facades of houses.

The Tourist Information Office organises a range of guided tours on different themes and in different areas to shed light on the town’s heritage.

Agde has so much to tell!

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