Cottage Parks is committed to a global CSR approach for the management and transformation of sites into eco-responsible campsites combining comfort, charm and actions for sustainable tourism.

Eco-responsibility is a major concern for Cottage Parks, the campsite management company.

The ecological approach in the context

Can we talk about sustainable tourism in France’s largest seaside resort?
Between mass population displacement over a short period of time, consumption of resources, polluting activities, etc… the list is long but there is no need to make tourists feel guilty about coming to enjoy a bit of good time at the seaside.
Tourism also offers wealth and creates jobs in territories with a high seasonality.

Camping La Clape Village -Agde - Camping d'exception -


Looking back…

May 2021, Cottage Parks, chosen by the municipality, takes over the management of 2 municipal campsites in Agde.

The season has begun, but so has the groundwork: how can we make our accommodation concept a reality and act on our environment?

Local companies will be chosen to carry out the work necessary to transform the campsite.

The purchase of equipment from French and European production will be favoured as well as second-hand furniture.

Our mobile homes are produced in France and not so far from us: Beaucaire and Lézignan Corbières. Additional services have been requested from these manufacturers such as flushing toilets in the accommodation where possible. A drop of water you may say… But every drop counts! We put drinking water in the toilets in France…

Quality appliances with good ratings to reduce energy consumption. Unlabelled and non-packaged crockery kits.

The design called for larger terraces, with spaces designed to keep the whole family happy. The idea was to mix the old with the new with tables we had found and fabrics we had ordered from a company in the Herault. We hoped that this would be the most coveted living area for our holidaymakers.


More than 300 trees and shrubs have been planted for the creation of the 2022 district: you have to forget that you are in the city, surrounded by concrete residences.

We will live in symbiosis with nature!

Plantations that do not require a lot of water, which should be watered with a drip for the first two years before leaving them to nature. And of course, integrate existing trees into our terraces. Why cut them down when they create the charm of the resort.

Add to the recipe a little shade thanks to the coconut fibre sails produced in the Drôme. The raw material comes from a bit far away, it’s true, but it remains natural and the project behind it makes sense: to educate young girls in India, to allow them to work and to escape from forced marriages or violence.

It was necessary to choose accommodation for everyone and for all tastes by creating different atmospheres. This is how the Tribe version of the cottages came into being: from 4 to 6 rooms, we welcome large families, we encourage beautiful reunions and indelible memories.

Versions for people with reduced mobility will be available in 2023. Welcoming everyone without distinction is one of our priorities.

Obviously, to guarantee the calm of the area, the choice of pedestrianism was obvious. Remove the cars, the noise of the engines, let the children play in the alleys… Listen to the birds singing, enjoy the sea breeze, take a nap with the cicadas…

This is how we imagined our little paradise and share it with you.

label clef verte
refuge ligue protection oiseaux
La clape Village Camping à Agde - Enfant - jeunesses -activités

What about everyday life?

La clape Village Camping à Agde - Enfant - jeunesses -activités

Let’s discover our daily actions, sometimes visible, sometimes behind the scenes, which have enabled us to obtain the Green Key label for the year 2023.



Energy management

The new mobile homes are equipped with a key switch: we turn off the lights before leaving. It’s not Versailles here!

We have changed the old bulbs for LED, exchanged with solar night lights that light downwards. Timers, twilight detectors, awareness of the proper use of air conditioning, we’ve done the whole thing!

We turn off our computers, we favour light clothing (with no ulterior motive) for the staff to limit air conditioning.

Solar panels produce hot water in the reception area. Patrick (we recruited him for his first name!) monitors consumption on the campsite and procedures have been put in place for good energy management.

Ah the subject of the swimming pool! too hot, too cold, we decided. From a certain temperature, we stop heating. The sun will do the rest.



Water management

We’ve already talked about it: drip irrigation, grey water recovery, flow-reducing aerators… Not to mention the push buttons in the communal toilets where it is always when you have foam in your eyes that it stops!

At the bar, they’ll tell you that it’s better to take a little foam to save the planet’s water. You don’t suffer the pressure, you drink it…

Let’s stay serious: the drinking water that supplies Agde and its surroundings comes from the groundwater called “l’Astienne”. This water source is fragile and we must preserve it even more during the busy periods.



Waste management

At the reception, you will find collection boxes for used batteries, light bulbs and masks. There are also regular collection boxes for all kinds of everyday items that are used for the Mini Club activities.

The sorting centre at the entrance to the campsite allows the efficiency of the approach: find in the same place the different containers and the information on the good uses. You won’t have any hesitation… French chauvinism has taken a hit, but the northern European countries are much better than us on this subject… Fortunately we still have the sun!

Disposable sheets are compostable and disposable bed sheets are collected once a week in season. This gives 14,000 sets of undersheets that are recycled and transformed into hangers, for example…

A partnership had been concluded for the collection of cigarette butts but this point should be improved in 2023 as it proved to be not very effective this first year.



Purchasing policy

Cleaning products are eco-labelled or certified, firstly for the health of the employees who use them daily, but also for the well-being of holidaymakers. The soaps used in the hotel packs are solid and without plastic packaging.

All 0-paper actions are promoted to employees and campers alike. When paper is used, it comes from sustainable forests (PEFC).

Priority is always given to local actors and companies involved in our approach. The second hand and the second hand market has no secret for anyone: reconditioned computers, second hand furniture, recovery and diversion of objects, there are creative people among the team.



Green spaces

Originally, the campsite was 0 phyto. The desire to become a LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) refuge was an obvious choice.

It was necessary to replant, to create natural shelters for biodiversity in addition to the ornamental aspect of the beautiful, well-defined plot. Mow as late as possible, prune at the right time of year and avoid disturbing the births… 300 trees and shrubs in the winter of 21-22 against 1000 feet this winter of 22-23! We move everything we can: in the first year, all the palm trees in the swimming pool were kept and moved to the campsite to allow the expansion of the aquatic area.



The purchase of electrical equipment has begun: vehicles to travel back and forth between La Tamarissière and La Clape Village, electric mopeds for the technical staff, the three-wheeled vehicle for cleaning… We are renewing ourselves, no more traditional camping golfettes!

In 2022, 7 employees came on foot, by bicycle and by public transport. 4 electric recharging stations have been installed for holidaymakers’ and staff vehicles.

In 2023, you will discover the “ACCUEIL VELO” sites for all cyclists travelling without a vehicle, on the routes of the GMT, Canal du Midi and Hérault Méditerranée, equipped with a module facilitating on-site catering.



Social and economic

Facilities have been put in place for people with disabilities: magnetic loop, new PRM accommodation, access ramps to common services. Local partnerships have been concluded with service providers for non-polluting activities, bicycle hire and the promotion of heritage and cultural visits.

A participative library has been installed in the reception area: take a book, exchange it with one you no longer read…




Staff training in our CSR approach is essential to obtain their support and initiatives throughout the year. Other workshops such as the Tawashi sponge workshop were held with the help of a member of staff. Something to recycle our old socks and tights.

The reception staff are obliged each year to take part in the visits of the tourist office of Agde to learn about the history of the town, its architecture and its traditions. The ADENA visits on the geological and natural part are also valuable and varied. This allows us to better understand the area and to advise our customers through the Comptoir des Vadrouilles.



Campsite management

The restaurant, bar and grocery services are managed within our establishment. The basis of this collaboration is a written contract with obligations relating to the Green Key label for the restaurant part. Thus, vegetarian dishes, “home-made”, and the use of local and/or organic products are mandatory. As well as the fight against waste and the ban on the use of plastic containers.

What's on the horizon for sustainable development next year?

Eco-responsibility is a major concern for Cottage Parks, the campsite’s management company.


Poultry house

Do you know how many kilos of waste a chicken gobbles up? We’re talking about the good eggs where the yolk is almost orange… and the taste!

A delightful treat!



Limiting plastic bottle consumption is a priority



Renovation of huts

Accommodations are being renovated with new themes. The aim is to provide a bubble for children by offering them a range of second-hand toys and games.


Collective garden

Who wants their fresh parsley in their salad?

Fresh mint in your

mojito? Coming soon.

Camping La Clape Village -Agde - Camping d'exception -

And you, what would be your small ecological gestures on holiday that can make a difference?

It’s true that on holiday, we don’t really want to make an effort and complicate our lives! But some actions can help us a lot. It’s up to you!

Your well-being is our priority!